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Abe Key

"Coaching education is paramount to a successful baseball and girls softball playing experience. A well trained and educated coach will make a significant difference in the success and development of a player and a team. We’re confident that, backed by ASEP’s 25 years of coaching education expertise and experience, the PONY Coaching Education Program will provide the ultimate coaching education opportunity for our coaches, and we strongly recommend that all of our coaches participate in the program."

Abraham Key, President and CEO
PONY Baseball and Softball

As the exclusive coaching education provider to PONY, ASEP designed and hosts this PONY Coaching Education Center Web site through which PONY-branded online coaching youth baseball and softball courses are delivered to the benefit of our 120,000 coaches. The courses carry the endorsement of PONY, and we strongly urge our coaches to participate.

The courses include:

PONY coaches achieve certification by completing the sport-specific course for the sport they coach with a score of 80% or better. Coaches can print a certificate of completion from the Web site.

For a list of frequently asked questions about the PONY Baseball and Softball Coaching Education Program, click here.

PONY Coaching Youth Baseball

Learn fundamental coaching concepts and responsibilities and come away with the most important coaching points of the major skills and tactics of youth baseball.

In this interactive online course, you’ll learn to prepare for your season and provide the best possible experience for your athletes. The course is supplemented by excerpts from ASEP’s Coaching Youth Baseball book which are delivered as a series of PDF downloads within the online course. As you progress through the online course, you’ll be prompted to read excerpts to complete course activities.

The course includes many interactive exercises that apply and enrich concepts from the book. The course introduces volunteer coaches to the games approach to coaching, which uses small-sided games to teach skills and tactics. It also includes a handy Coaches’ Clipboard utility containing forms, documents, and detailed plans for successful practice sessions and game-day coaching. The course concludes with an online 30-question test.

Guided by a mentor coach, coaches face learning challenges in the following units: